Did you know not all beaches and parts of the Ocean are swimmable? 

This is an area where working with a professionally educated travel planner can make a big difference. 

My team and I have invested in attending training onsite so that we are educated on the beach types, conditions and the conditions the resorts are in.  

3 common beaches in Mexico and the Caribbean:

#1 Sandy Swimmable Beaches – These beaches are the type most families are used to. The perks are these are great for small children and guest who like to walk out on a sandy beach into the ocean. My personal favorite sandy beach like this was in at Azul Negril in Jamaica. 

 3 Common Beach Types In Mexico and the Caribbean

#2 Beaches on Coral Reefs – These beaches are very different but so amazing. If you have older children and you like to Scuba dive or snorkel, then this is the beach for you. There are normally thousands of fish and sea life to see each day while swimming. 

 3 Common Beach Types In Mexico and the Caribbean
My favorite Beach like this can be found at the Grand Fiesta Cozumel.

#3 Non-Swimmable Beaches –  there are some beaches in Cabo and other areas of Mexico that have beaches that the undercurrent it so strong, that guest can’t swim there. The resorts in these areas normally have some of the biggest pools that you’ve ever seen. You can use the beach but just not swim.

*** There are a few resorts that do have swimmable beaches in Cabo! Here are a few of our favorites: The Grand Fiesta Americana and the RIU Palace. These are resorts that we frequently send guest to.

 3 Common Beach Types In Mexico and the Caribbean
We like to refer to Cabo as “Arizona meets the beach”.

Are you interested in a Beach Trip to an All Inclusive Resort in Mexico or the Caribbean? Let us put our Training to work for you.