Traveling with kids around the holidays is something so many of us do. Whether it’s to see family or take a vacation to escape it all – many folks are getting on airplanes or hopping in their cars to travel. As travel agents, not only do we talk to tons of travelers a year, we travel constantly. This is our top 5 tips for flying with kids; because we all know that’s the most stressful part of flying!


Our number one tip is to pack snacks for your kids! Maybe it’s treats they rarely get or their favorite comfort foods. Whatever it might be, snacks are helpful to distract kids when flying. They’re especially helpful on take off and landing to make sure their little ears are popping and not hurting!

5 Tips for Flying with Kids


Our next tip is to bring something to watch on the plane. Maybe it’s a new movie or some TV shows you can download ahead of time. Whatever it is, time can fly when watching a movie. Make sure to check to see if there will be Wifi on the flight or if you need to save things to the device ahead of time. And don’t forget headphones!

5 Tips for Flying with Kids


A special bag of activities that will entertain your children is a must. Some of our favorites are the little games you can get at the Target Dollar Spot or Wiki Stix. Things that don’t make a mess, but provide endless fun. These could be as simple as window decals to put off and on the windows and tray table or sticky notes and fidget toys. 

Wipes & Sanitizer

We would be remiss if we didn’t advise bringing wipes and sanitizer for the plane. Kids love to touch everything and sometimes their hands will get sticky from the treats they’re snacking on. Make sure to keep wipes handy and some sanitizer for after the bathroom!

5 Tips for Flying with Kids

Portable Chargers

Not all airplanes and airports are created equal. Make sure to pack a portable charger or two to keep those tablets and headphones charged for use during the entire trip. You do not want an unhappy kid because they can’t watch that show you promised them.

Finally, just have fun and be flexible. Kids often find wonder in an airport and airplane and follow your lead. If you’re relaxed, they will be too!

Have fun traveling!

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