Hawaii, Mexico, + US River Cruises


Phone: 800-448-3333

Website: https://www.pleasantholidays.com/Travel-Agent-Sign-In

Agency ID: 4698100718

In travel issues, as soon as a guest notifies you of an issue that needs to be fixed while traveling, email Last Minute last.minute@pleasant.net

** You can CC Karen Seiler.

If you want more help, then you can call: 800-441-4357

Unless it is a significant emergency, please don’t follow up with Karen; she will respond if it’s a major emergency in the CCed email to Last Minute. *** This is Karen’s request when I have spoken to her that you can CC her but do not send repeated emails, calls, etc., and that you email last.minute@pleasant.net before anything else.

If you want Karen to know what’s happening, CC her in your email to last.minute@pleasant.net, but do not email Karen alone.

It is vital to meet your client’s needs that all emails go to last.minute@pleasant.net

Last Minute has a team who is 100% focused on fixing in-destination issues. This should be your first contact if your client has issues while traveling. 

For General help, you can email info@journese.com and 

After Travel issues: Customer Relations and the email cr@pleasant.net

Registration: Request Account



Agent Reward Program – https://www.pleasantholidays.com/Travel-Reward-Incentive-Program

Pleasant Holidays Cruise Desk Specialists are available at 877-287-2835.

The Journese Cruise Line is 800-850-6988.

You will need an account for Air By Pleasant and Activites by Pleasant to book those: 

Air by Pleasant is owned by AAA and not Pleasant Holidays -https://www.airbypleasant.com 

Pleasant Activites: https://www.pleasantactivities.com/page/main

Video on how to price match, you will need the passcode, which is WHf0&$9*

Price match emails:

Reservations Price Match respricematch@pleasant.net
Journese ResPriceMatch respricematch@journese.com