Newly Engaged?

Considering a Destination Wedding?

Congratulations on your engagement and decision to have a destination wedding! Your wedding will be an event to remember leaving your guests talking about your special day for years to come. 

You can envision your perfect wedding celebration filled with cocktail parties, a spa day with your best friends, walking down the aisle with sand between your toes, a reception by the sea, and dancing to a mariachi band. 

But…you don’t know where to Start?

You’re a busy couple juggling work, life, and now planning the perfect wedding.

It can be a struggle to know where to even begin.

Do you find yourself asking these questions?

  • Which destination should I choose?
  •  Does this resort really live up to the reviews?
  • How do I ensure that my guests get booked… without driving me crazy?
  • How do I keep my dream wedding within my budget?
  • What happens if my guests don’t make their payments on time?
  •  How can I make my honeymoon special?
  • Will planning a destination wedding take over my life?

Can you relate?

Planning a destination wedding can be overwhelming, but I am here to tell you it can be stress-free and enjoyable.  My years as a destination wedding specialist combined with my knowledge of destinations and resort brands allow me to help overwhelmed brides enjoy the fun and excitement of a destination wedding but without the added stress.

Plan Your Destination Wedding in 4 Easy Steps

1. Let’s Chat: During your complimentary consultation call we will get to know each other! I will ask questions and listen to your hopes, dreams, and concerns of planning a destination wedding. I will discuss options and you will get a feel of what it’s like to work with me. We will both leave the call informed, excited, and ready to dive into the planning process! 

2. Let’s Narrow it Down: Based on our conversation and everything that I learned about your hopes and dreams from our consultation, I will get to work preparing a proposal of recommended destinations, resorts, and wedding options for you to consider for your destination wedding. 

3.  Let’s Finalize It: We will work together to narrow down the options, I will answer your questions, and you will make your final selection! 

4. Let’s Take Care of the Details: I will work with the resort, wedding team, and group department to confirm your wedding date, group room block, and I will work my magic to get you some extra wedding bonuses! You can focus on working with the resort wedding planner to finalize your wedding details and shop for your wedding dress while I assist your guests with confirming their travel plans.

Still deciding if a destination wedding is right for you? Consider the questions below.

Are you dreaming of a wedding with your toes in the sand, in a tropical garden, or with views of the mountains?

Do you love to travel?

Are you and your fiancé both eager to get married away from home?

Are you looking for a wedding “experience” rather than a single day of celebration?

Are your family and friends supportive of a destination wedding? If not, is that okay?

Will you be okay if family or friends are unable to attend due to work commitments, schedule conflicts, or budget concerns?

Will you be able to release some control to a wedding planner that is in destination, sometimes not visiting the wedding venue until a few days prior to your big day?

Will you be flexible with details and décor, such as if a specific decoration is not available at your location?

Will your guests be able to afford to travel?

Do you love the idea of a seamless wedding planning process?

Meet Your wedding expert

Hello, I'm Andrea!

I’m Andrea! A hopeless romantic, wife and mom of 3, living the dream in west Michigan. My joy in life is planning destination weddings and honeymoons for sweet couples just like you! My ideal Friday night is spent eating tacos, watching reruns of The Office, and enjoying a glass of good wine.

I love meeting with couples during our consultation call and helping them navigate the destination wedding process, step by step, arriving at the end result…the wedding of their dreams. I am highly trained and experienced in destination weddings and groups of all sizes. My excitement for the planning process is contagious and I love sharing my personal experiences about the resorts and destinations that I love so much.


I am highly certified and never stop learning which allows me to provide the highest level of service, knowledge, and expertise when planning your destination wedding!



Andrea Cassidy was the secret sauce to our wedding recipe!

Planning a destination wedding can be so stressful on so many different levels. Andrea took control and put our minds at ease with coordinating our destination wedding in St. Lucia with 23 guests! She was so kind and so caring about our special trip and wedding.

 She paid attention to all the details, was an incredible communicator, and it felt like she was a part of our family. And to be honest, we have adopted her into our family in a way now.

We will 100% be using Andrea to coordinate and organize all of our traveling needs. My wife and I are so blessed to have Andrea to rely on in the future.

Andrea, from the bottom of our hearts, Victoria and I thank you so very much.

– Benjamin and Victoria


Andrea is amazing!

Having Andrea as our travel agent was the best decision we made (besides getting married of course). She was there every step of the way, answered my many questions quickly, and made sure all my guests were taken care of. One of our guests had a flight cancellation and she was right on top of it-getting things figured out right away. All of my guests were so happy with her! We will certainly be using her in our future travels.


– Megan and Brahm


Andrea was awesome to work with! So helpful & patient to plan & replan our destination wedding from 2020-2021. She was so organized, had great communication, and was loved by our guests throughout the process.

Andrea was awesome to work with! So helpful & patient to plan & replan our destination wedding from 2020-2021. She was so organized, had great communication, and loved by our guests throughout the process.

 – Deanna and Joseph


Andrea is absolutely the best out there! She made the entire destination wedding process stress free and seamless. She went above and beyond to help not only us but our guests. I would highly recommend any bride thinking about doing a destination wedding contact her. She is super responsive and knowledgeable! I can’t wait to work with her again in the future.

  – Tracy and Robert



Andrea went above and beyond what we expected. Her response time and attention towards our trip were 10/10

  – Alyssa and Phoung

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Do you have questions about the destination wedding process?  Still undecided if a destination wedding is right for you?  Let’s chat! 

I will listen to your ideas, answer your questions, and explain my planning process.  

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You've got questions? We have answers!

If the thought of planning a traditional “at home” wedding is not part of your vision, you may want to consider a destination wedding! 

3 Pros of a Destination Wedding: 

  • Quality Time: Destination weddings span more than just the “wedding day” allowing you to celebrate and spend time with those closest to you without all of the traditional wedding day stress. Many wedding guests love the excuse to plan a tropical vacation and are eager to join in the fun! 
  • Simple Planning: Resort wedding teams are amazing at what they do and can help you make your dream wedding a reality with their preferred vendors, décor, and customizable wedding packages!  From a totally out of the box wedding vision to traditional or simple, the wedding teams can handle it all!
  • Beautiful destination: Get married with a view of the ocean, surrounded by lush greenery in the gardens, or have a posh poolside bash.  One thing’s for certain, your wedding location will be gorgeous!  
  • Buy your dress, pack your bags, and leave your stress at home! 

There will be two amounts associated with a destination wedding: Travel Cost and Wedding Cost

Travel cost is dependent on the location, resort, and time of travel.  I can assist with helping you find a perfect resort option to fit your budget without sacrificing the quality and service that you deserve. 

The average cost of a traditional wedding in the United States is between $28-$32K, without the honeymoon.  The venue, food and drinks prove to come with the highest price tag. 

When you plan a destination wedding many times the packages include the venue, food, and drinks for free or at a minimal cost per person. 

Destination weddings do have additional expenses for décor, photography, lighting, music, and floral.  The resort wedding teams are so good at what they do and they will make recommendations if you are looking for extravagant, simple, or something in between!

My wedding couples typically spend between $4-12K on their wedding and reception expenses, with an average of 30-50 guests attending their wedding.

Mexico: Cancun, Riviera Maya, Playa Mujeres, Cozumel, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta

Caribbean: Jamaica, Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Dominican Republic, Antigua

Southern Caribbean and Central America: Saint Lucia, Barbados, Curacao, and Costa Rica

All-inclusive resorts are wonderful choices for weddings.  Wedding guests will know the vacation cost up front so they won’t have to budget for additional food and drinks.  Many activities and entertainment options are included at the resorts, so the only extra expenses will be optional excursions, spa experiences, and souvenirs!  

Not sure if all-inclusive is what you are looking for?  No worries, I will help you navigate all of the differences and find the option best for you!

In most destinations, you will have the option of a civil (legal) or symbolic ceremony.  

A civil ceremony typically requires a bit of extra time and work.  Civil marriages are legally binding in the United States and the country where the ceremony takes place.  Many countries require wedding couples to arrive several business days prior to the ceremony.  Some require blood and medical tests, legal documents, affidavits, birth certificates, and other documents translated into that country’s language as well as other legal fees. 

A symbolic ceremony allows more flexibility as couples get legally married in the United States before or after their destination wedding so they will have more leeway on arrival date, less paperwork, and many times less stress for their destination wedding.  Symbolic ceremonies can be customized to the couple’s preferences and the wedding guests don’t even know it’s not a legal ceremony unless you tell them!

Most of my clients opt for a symbolic ceremony due to its ease and simplicity, but I will discuss both options with you during our consultation, so that you can decide what’s best for you. 

Great question!  When you have a destination wedding your honeymoon can begin right away!  

Stay at the Resort: Some of my couples choose to stay at the same resort for their honeymoon so that they can maximize their time.  You can stay in the same suite or upgrade to a special accommodation such as a swim up room, honeymoon suite, or penthouse option with a killer view.  

Honeymoon Hop: Other couples stay in the same destination, but “honeymoon hop” to another resort.  This option allows you to experience another resort, enjoy adults only amenities (especially if you had a family friendly wedding), and have some privacy from guests that decide to stay at your wedding resort for a few days after the event.  

Jet Set to a New Location: I also have couples request a totally different destination for their honeymoon!   Since you are already close to many swoon-worthy destinations a quick flight will allow you to spend your honeymoon somewhere totally new!  I have had couples go from Cancun to Cabo, Saint Lucia to Barbados, and even Oahu to Maui! 

Honeymoons are also my specialty so I can help you plan romantic dinners on the beach, relaxing spa days, and even get some complimentary honeymoon perks as part of your vacation package!

Travel agents bring so much value to vacations in general and even more so when planning a destination wedding!  The travel industry has so many talented and knowledgeable agents, each with their own niche, but it is important to work with a travel agent that specializes in destination weddings.  

An experienced destination wedding travel agent can:

– Help you narrow down the location for your wedding by sharing personal knowledge of the destinations.

– Recommend the best resort options ensuring the resort and wedding planning teams will meet your expectation and budget.

-Use their years of experience and personal relationships that ensure you and your guests are well taken care of and receive VIP treatment. 

-Negotiate room blocks and contracts, explaining everything along the way.

-Keep track of payment due dates and will ensure payments are as easy as clicking a button. 

-Ensure that your guests are well informed, answer all of their questions, get them booked, and keep everyone in line.

-Book your wedding guest accommodations, assist with flights, excursions, spa experiences and more!

-Make payments as simple as the click of a button. 

-Get you freebies!  Some resorts offer wedding extras, complimentary stays, and special amenities.  The more rooms booked into your group the more you get!  Leave it to the professional to ensure you don’t miss out on any extras! 

-Be there for you and your guests throughout the wedding process to answer questions, ensure guests have all the information, and even be there throughout the travel process to troubleshoot any issues that may arise during travel (missed flights, sickness during travel, etc).

You will be closely working with your destination wedding travel agent for the duration of your planning, which is typically at least a year.  Of course, you will want to choose someone that is knowledgeable and specializes in destination weddings and groups.

Most importantly, choose someone that feels like the perfect fit for you!  Choose someone that matches your personality and that you enjoy talking with as you will be spending a lot of time planning together.  Be sure that this person listens to you and your vision and is committed to ensuring that your special event is planned to perfection.

Could that person be me?  Let’s chat and find out!

Yes, I do charge a one time wedding research and design fee.  It is an upfront fee that can be paid after our initial consultation (see below).   This fee structure starts at $200 per wedding.  Once paid, there are no other charges for you or your guests. 

This fee will include optional assistance with digital or paper save the dates, digital RSVPs, and I can even create a website to keep everyone informed.   

Part of my process includes a complimentary zoom session or phone call.  During this no-obligation meeting we will get to know each other and I will learn your hopes and dreams for your destination wedding.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions and I will give some recommendations.  I will explain the process and next steps to get the planning started.