Danielle Hupp

Seeing Denali by Plane

Flying To and Seeing Denali By Plane

One of the best ways to see Denali and also experience the sheer size of her, is by plane. I recently was in Talkeetna doing land base training and I had the opportunity to go up with K2 Aviation. Seeing Denali was by far one of the highlights of my life. Billy, our pilot was […] Read more…

Carry-on Packing for Alaska

Carry-on Packing for Alaska

Packing for 6 days for Alaska, in a carry-on?? Yes, it can be done!! How? Allow me to show you! Normally the sheer thought of packing for Alaska stirs up thoughts of multiple suitcases and loads of clothing and gear. You might think, “well, why didn’t you just check a bag”, but if you’re like […] Read more…