Traveling to a Theme Park after the Coronavirus Shutdown

Traveling to a Theme Park after the Coronavirus Shutdown

This week my team member Andrea, her sweet 9-year-old daughter Joy, and I had the privilege of visiting Universal Parks & Resorts in Orlando, Florida.  I am very impressed with the process of visiting Universal during this unprecedented time. I wanted to give you an inside peek at what it currently looks like to travel […] Read more…

Norwegian Bliss Cruise

An Alaskan Cruise Ship Experience: The Norwegian Bliss Cruise

Training and learning about the products, ships and destinations that our clients are experiencing is top priority to all of us at Embrace the Journey Travel! Here’s a snapshot about one of our planners, Danielle, experiences as she toured and experienced the Norweigan Bliss.  —- I had the privilege to go with my husband and […] Read more…

The Royalton at Saint Lucia

Relaxing at Royalton—Saint Lucia Part 2

Alaskan Cruise Options

Alaskan Cruise Options – Which Will You Choose?

Girlfriend Getaway

A Guests Perspective: Why a Girlfriend Getaway Could Be Your Best Investment

Let’s get real here… it didn’t take a lot of convincing for sign me up on a Girls Getaway! I mean think of all the crazy things you can do when you travel without your spouse or kids!  Just imagine sleeping in, taking your time getting ready, watching anything you want on TV, being able […] Read more…

Day One on my African Safari Expedition

Traveling to Africa and our first Game Drive: Day One on my African Safari Expedition

You may have previously read my first blog post, “How to prepare and pack for an African Safari” — if not, head here and enjoy!  Today, I’m going to tell you about our journey to Africa and my very first Game Drive.  Here is Day One on my African Safari Expedition We began our journey […] Read more…

African Safari

Getting Ready for an African Safari – My Personal Experience

I recently just got home from a trip to Africa, here is my personal experience on the preparations I made to leave. When you head oversees, and especially to Africa, there are a few more steps in your planning and packing than your average trip.  Here are some of the key takeaways for getting ready […] Read more…

Alaska Land Tour