Q&A with our Journey Planner Jordan Vickers

This week we are featuring a short Q&A with our Journey Planner Jordan! Read on to learn more about Jordan and her love for travel. Plus, what’s her FAVE Disneyland or Disney World? How many years have you been a Vacation Planner?  4 What’s your favorite thing about your being a vacation planner?  Helping people […] Read more…

The Story of Embrace the Journey Travel

3 Common Beach Types In Mexico and the Caribbean

3 Common Beach Types In Mexico and the Caribbean

Did you know not all beaches and parts of the Ocean are swimmable?  This is an area where working with a professionally educated travel planner can make a big difference.  My team and I have invested in attending training onsite so that we are educated on the beach types, conditions and the conditions the resorts […] Read more…

Denali 30% Club

Denali 30% Club – Your opportunity to go see Denali

Denali (an Athabaskan word for “the high one”) or formally known as Mount McKinley is the highest peak in North America. If you’ve ever seen it, you will never forget it! Most people, including me, before I went thought, “well if it’s the highest peak then surely it can be seen by everyone! Right?” Wrong! […] Read more…

Carry-on Packing for Alaska

Carry-on Packing for Alaska

Norwegian Joy Cruise Ship in Alaska

Norwegian Joy makes her debut in Alaska

Here’s how to plan a vacation for your ENTIRE family + extended family too!

I love helping large groups or family groups plan Multi-Generational trips. It’s so fun to see my guests step away from regular day to day life and enjoy creating memories together.  I had the amazing opportunity to sail the Inaugural sailing of the JOY, and the ship is incredible. The entire time I was on the cruise I thought […] Read more…

Capturing memories while traveling

Capturing memories while traveling – our best tips

Our team recently traveled to New York City for our Semi-Annual Meeting and we tried something that I have personally never tried. We had a professional photographer take pictures of our team while in New York City. I rarely like pictures that are taken of me, but I LOVE the ones the photographer captured and […] Read more…

You Only Have 18 Summers! 🌞