Alaskan Cruise Options

Alaskan Cruise Options – Which Will You Choose?

Girlfriend Getaway

A Guests Perspective: Why a Girlfriend Getaway Could Be Your Best Investment

Let’s get real here… it didn’t take a lot of convincing for sign me up on a Girls Getaway! I mean think of all the crazy things you can do when you travel without your spouse or kids!  Just imagine sleeping in, taking your time getting ready, watching anything you want on TV, being able […] Read more…

Day One on my African Safari Expedition

Traveling to Africa and our first Game Drive: Day One on my African Safari Expedition

You may have previously read my first blog post, “How to prepare and pack for an African Safari” — if not, head here and enjoy!  Today, I’m going to tell you about our journey to Africa and my very first Game Drive.  Here is Day One on my African Safari Expedition We began our journey […] Read more…

African Safari

Getting Ready for an African Safari – My Personal Experience

Alaska Land Tour


Saint Lucia - Let Her Inspire You

Let Her Inspire You – Saint Lucia Part 1

Picturesque, romantic, home of the famous Pitons, voted the Caribbean’s leading honeymoon destination for 2019, and an appropriate hashtag reading #letherinspireyou, Saint Lucia has been on my “must do” list since I have started planning Caribbean vacations.  When I was given the opportunity to visit the island on a work trip a few months ago, […] Read more…

Karisma Resorts

It’s ALL About the Food at Karisma Resorts

I don’t know if you are like me, but when I go to an All-Inclusive Resort, a big part of my stay is the food.  One of my personal favorite resorts for food and resort experience is Karisma Resort properties.  Karisma resorts offer something called Gourmet Inclusive®.  I have experienced this first hand and it’s […] Read more…

Alaska Land Tour

Royal Caribbean Alaska Land Tour – Day 3!


My Experience and Perfect Day at Cococay

Royal Caribbean Alaska Land Tour

Royal Caribbean Alaska Land Tour- Day 2!