I attended a River Cruise and Small Ship Cruise training in San Deigo and I wanted to share some of what I learned. Let’s talk about cruises you might not have heard of!

These are a few types of cruises:

River Cruises – These are very popular in Europe but did you know that we have them in the USA too?

Here is an example of a River Cruise in Europe.

Here are examples of River Cruises right here in the USA. This is the River Boat.
In the USA we also have Paddlewheelers and with this cruise, you would be thinking Mark Twain or at least I do!!! 🙂

Then there are Expedition Cruises which are different experiences. I have cruised a lot and this experience is very unique. most of these ships have less than 300 guests per ship.
Expedition Ships are what you would sail on to see the Arctic.
**If you have sailed to Alaska and loved it then I highly suggest adding a cruise to the Arctic to your bucket list.**


These are just some of the cruise experiences that you can experience outside the large cruise lines.