Amboseli National Park 

We drove the day before from Lake Nakuru to Amboseli National Park. The drives across Kenya were an incredible experience. 

My husband Charlie had been looking forward to this day for a year in advance. A big item on his bucket list was to see Mount Kilimanjaro.  

When we drove in, we got our first glimpse of Mount Kilimanjaro, and she did not disappoint. 

Amboseli Sopa Lodge

We arrived at our lodge, Amboseli Sopa Lodge. This resort is in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, and this area is located between Nairobi and the Kenyan Coast. 

It’s known for its large elephant herds and views of the immense Mount Kilimanjaro across the Tanzania border. It has varied wildlife, including giraffes, zebras, cheetahs, and hundreds of bird species.


If you love elephants, then this is the place for you. We saw so many herds of elephants, and it was truly amazing. 

The Game Drive

We spent the day with our small group and guide, Alex, out on the game drive, and we saw so much wildlife. It truly was incredible. 

Then for lunch, we had a special treat. We ate an outdoor lunch with our guides. Experiences like this warm my heart. Breaking bread with people all over the world is something that brings me great joy. 

This meal was one of the highlights of the trip for me. I truly believe that one of the keys to world peace and the end of prejudices is walking a mile in someone else’s shoes and eating a meal with people from different cultures and countries. 

Pictured here at our table are the two guides from Kenya, four guests from England, one guest born in Germany but living in the USA, then Charlie and I, the two Americans. I loved this meal so much, and it was a highlight of 2020.

Final Thoughts 

The animals and the plains’ backdrop with Mount Kilimanjaro was one of the most stunning sights I have ever seen. 

This was our last day of game drives before we headed the next morning back to Nairobi to begin our journey home. 

In my next blog post, I am going to recap my thoughts on the African Safari, but I wanted to share this: If you are on the fence about a Safari in Africa, you should do it. 

I will forever treasure my time in Kenya. I dream of returning, and it was a soul moving trip. 

Soul moving trips are what I crave most in my life. The world is such an incredible place and Africa is so different landscape wise compared to the USA, that the experience is unlike anything else I have ever experienced. 

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