One of the most common requests in the agency is “I want a Beach Vacation”. This leads us to ask what type of beach vacation.

I wanted to share some of the most common beach vacations we book. 

Different types of Beaches

All-Inclusive Beach Vacations 

In Mexico and the Caribbean, sometimes the Maldives. There are other exotic destinations with All-Inclusive Resorts, but there are very limited All-Inclusive resorts in the USA. When guests come to us for All-Inclusive trips, we usually send them to the Caribbean or Mexico. These can be great values and a fantastic relaxing or adventurous time. 

We will ask these questions if you want the Caribbean or Mexico. 

What type of beach are you looking for? 

#1 White sandy beach

#2 Beach area with great diving and snorkeling nearby – often, if the beach is near a coral reef that has excellent diving, the beach may be rockier and not as sandy 

#3 If you are not a beach person, but more of a pool person

#4 What type of activities you would like

#5 Would you rather have no activities and spend the entire time lying at the beach or pool

We take the answers to these questions and play matchmaker to find your perfect resort and beach. 

If you want to check out resort videos of Mexico Beach Resorts, we have a YouTube playlist for you to dive into.

All-Inclusive Resorts in Cancun

Beach Vacations in the United States

The great news is a passport is not required. 

These are some of the most popular beach destinations that we book. 


The Hawaiian Islands are on most Americans’ bucket lists. The fun part is deciding which island to visit or, if you will, island hop. The Islands are all unique, and each has something different to offer. 

You can check out our Hawaii Youtube videos here. 


We book a wide variety of beach experiences in Florida. 

  • Pensacola – Pensacola is the westernmost city in the Florida Panhandle. This area of Florida normally has white sandy beaches. 
  • Clearwater and St. Pete Beach – You can read a blog article that our team has written about these beaches. St. Pete and Clearwater Beach, Florida.
  • Tampa – Tampa is the ideal setting for outdoor enthusiasts and sun worshipers alike, with nearly the entire year offering sunshine.
  • Fort Lauderdale – White powdery sand lines the eastern coastline of this sought after destination. The “Venice of America” town offers traditional beaches and canals to glide in a gondola through.

Different types of Beaches

  • The Florida Keys – This is the most exotic place to visit in Florida to me. 

Different types of Beaches

You can read some of our blog articles on the Florida Keys.  

The Florida Keys and Key West

When talking to our guests about Florida beaches, we often ask if you want a Resort experience, so staying at a resort with resort activities, or do they enjoy a hotel experience with a room and a beach but fewer activities at the place they are visiting. 


The West Coast has a wide variety of beaches, many of which are cliffs which can be an incredible drive to drive down the highway with the cliffs and ocean below. 

Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands

No passport needed but a much more exotic feel. 

San Juan is one of the most popular places we book there. Here is some more information on San Juan. 

San Juan is a bustling metropolis that has evolved from its nearly 500-year-old colonial roots to become one of the most important cities in the Americas. Spanish colonists called it Ciudad Puerto Rico (or “Rich Port City”), and founded the 77-square-mile city in 1521.

Costa Rica and Belize 

These are two different beach destinations. Costa Rica has a wide variety of beaches. Some of them even have black sand from volcanic activity. Belize has some great diving. Costa Rica has some All-Inclusive resorts and great fishing. 

Different types of Beaches

These are just a few types of beaches and samples of beach trips we book. 

If you want to know more about beach trips, reach out to our team; we would love to help you plan.