The Return of Magic at Disney

On July 11, 2020 I attended the reopening of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. I love Roy & Walt Disney. We traveled with our kids to Walt Disney World repeatedly when the kids were growing up. The reopening was very emotional for me and I felt like it was a turning point in the shutdown. 

The reopening of Walt Disney world The reopening of Walt Disney world

One big question that we are getting is, “What does it look like to visit Walt Disney World after the shut down?” The planning process looks different before your trip. I suggest using an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner like Embrace the Journey Travel who specializes in Disney Vacations. 

You will need a park plan before visiting and a park reservation. We need to pre book your park reservation. Here is a Youtube video example of the process your agent will complete for you.

The reopening of Walt Disney World

Getting into the parks looks a little different. You will need a mask and a temp check. Your temp will need to be 100.4 or less to enter the parks. Here is the information on Disney’s requirements for Face coverings

The reopening of Walt Disney World

The Magic is still there; it just looks just a little different right now. You will see a lot of cleaning. The rides are sprayed down between riders, there are 1000’s of hand sanitizer stations, there are mobile hand washing stations, and stickers on the ground to help guests stay 6 feet apart.

The Parades and the fireworks are not currently operating as they did in the past, but there are Pop-up Parades off and on all day. The Pop-up Parades allow guests to see a parade without a set time so that crowds are not lining the street at certain times.The Parades are now a happy surprise.  

Check out this Pop-up Parade video.

The reopening of Walt Disney World

Character Meet and Greets are different. The characters at character dining come out and walk by so the kids can see them but they are not stopping to touch the children at this time. 

The reopening of Walt Disney WorldMobile Order is going to be your best friend for dining. You will want to have the app on your phone ahead of time and order your food 30 minutes or before you are ready to eat. You will get an alert in your phone when the food is ready.  You can get the app here.

***NOTE: Your credit card needs to be linked in to use mobile order.

The reopening of Walt Disney WorldThere are relaxation stations which are clearly designated where you are allowed to take your mask off and rest without a mask. 

The rides are pretty much like normal, only with a mask. There are hand sanitizer stations at the entrance and exit of each ride. 

It felt amazing to get a little Disney Magic after the dreary months of the shut down. It’s like a ray of hope getting to walk down main street USA. The magic is really here! 

It will be phases,so things will be changing and becoming more fluid as time passes. You can check this link to keep up with updates.

You can still have a great trip to Walt Disney World but you will need to be prepared in advance. 

The reopening of Walt Disney World

The crowds are super low at this time and the wait times are low too. The Fall should be neat with cooler temps and low crowds. 

This is a step in the right direction towards recovering. 

We recommend this time more for repeat guests and less for first time visits. 

Wearing the required masks. You will want to try this out beforehand. I carry a pack of 50 disposal masks with me. I know other people who wear masks they have made, or bought. You do not want to wear a brand new mask to the park you want to wear one you are comfortable in and have worn before. 

Stay hydrated, it makes everything easier. 

I carry my own hand sanitizer, wipes, and spray. 

Just have fun. 

The kids that were there on opening day were so excited. Disney Magic was real for the kids even with the changes. When I walked down Main Street USA I could hear the kids screaming with delight that they could see the Castle. 

*** Please note: This is all subject to change at anytime. ***

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