Who’s ready to visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa and learn about the secret hidden right in Cathedral Square???

Europe Blog Part 3 - The Secret Hidden in Pisa, Italy

This stop was an absolute highlight of the trip for me. Have you heard of the Monuments Men? During World War II there was a group of men (architects, professorts, etc.) who were tasked with helping the military protect the many works of art in Europe that were in danger during the war. One of these amazing places was hiding right in Pisa. No, it wasn’t the Leaning Tower!

Cathedral Square

Cathedral Square in Pisa, Italy, features several buildings. Some, such as the Leaning Tower (a bell tower) are well known. There is a beautiful cathedral and baptistery as well.


But what many people don’t know is that hiding within a plain façade is the beautiful Camposanto. This is the cemetery located in Cathedral Square. The name Camposanto translates to “holy field”. Why, you ask? The center of the building features a beautiful grassy area with rose bushes. The soil those plants are growing in is believed to be from a shipload of sacred soil straight from Golgotha, where Jesus Christ was crucified. 

Europe Blog Part 3 - The Secret Hidden in Pisa, Italy

The Camposanto used to have absolutely breathtaking frescoes lining the walls. During World War II a grenade fell on the lead roof and caused a fire that heavily damaged and destroyed most of them. You can see remnants of the frescoes and they are actually still restoring them to this day. It is a peaceful, lovely sight to behold.

Europe Blog Part 3 - The Secret Hidden in Pisa, Italy

Now you know the secret of Pisa. 

Next time, I will take you to the second half of this day, which is the beautiful medieval city of Lucca. This special city holds a piece of my heart.

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