I love helping large groups or family groups plan Multi-Generational trips. It’s so fun to see my guests step away from regular day to day life and enjoy creating memories together. 

I had the amazing opportunity to sail the Inaugural sailing of the JOY, and the ship is incredible. The entire time I was on the cruise I thought about family group travel.

I am very passionate about family travel and thought the BEST thing I could give you are my tips and insights on how I plan family and group travel for my clients

The destination matters! A LOT! It’s important to look for spaces where all ages have things to do. I have found cruises, All-Inclusive Resorts, Disney World, ski vacations and guided travel to be some of the best destinations for families.

Cruises and All-Inclusive Resorts are extra easy because the staff takes care of the majority of details for your group. You don’t have to cook or clean which are two BIG ingredients to making a perfect vacation in my view. 

There are so many stunning destinations to choose from, and there is always something for each member of the family.

I LOVE to see families travel together and I pride myself on planning trips that are seamless and stress-free, so that you can spend that quality time together making memories.

The other BIG key ingredient is getting your family to unplug while traveling. 🙂  That can be a hard one, right?

The big question is, “how do you do that????” My answer is the destination and staff.

When you travel to destinations where the scenery is jaw-dropping it pulls you away from your phones and into the experience of the destination.

The staff of the resort, ship, or the guides on your trip are another important aspect. A lot of resorts train their staff or cast members to seamlessly guide your family for a stress-free trip.

If you haven’t traveled with your extended family I highly suggest it. Get out and live your life seeing the world!