Don’t let the stress of planning a multigenerational trip keep you from experiencing the JOY! 

When we had our third son in six years, my husband and I considered putting traveling on the back burner for a while. How would I provide entertainment, dining experiences, and itineraries that fit a 3-year-old (our youngest) and a 70-year-old(my parents)? Unready to give up my favorite passion, I started researching multigenerational trips. A Disney Cruise was the perfect solution! 

What Makes Cruising Great for the Whole Family?

After our five-night Caribbean adventure, I’m not sure who’s ready to go back more, my children or my parents! Disney creates a magical environment that allows fun for all ages. I highly encourage everyone to participate in onboard family activities to spend time together, but also not be afraid to separate and venture into age-appropriate activities. 

We had a small break between our dinner and the evening show each night. My son begged to visit the Oceaneer Club to see what character he’d run into or what planned activity his new friends were doing. My parents would venture off to the adult-only music venues; Patsy Cline night was their favorite, while I enjoyed some much welcomed quiet on deck! We’d meet back up for the show and end our evening together. 

Castaway Cay for All 

Can we talk about Castaway Cay? If you aren’t taking advantage of the on-island kids club, you are missing out! When we disembarked, we immediately checked my son in for some on-island fun with cast members during the slower morning. He doesn’t yet swim, but I had no reservations since this area keeps kids entertained with a water playground instead of pools! Where did we head?! Straight to the adult-only side of the island. Grandma headed for an oceanside massage, and we headed to relax in the sun-kid free! 

Multi Generational Cruising

Don’t worry, we still had plenty of family time on the island! After a few hours, we checked out my son and headed to the beach together. We spent hours making sand castles, looking for shells, and making memories together! Of course, Disney had our allergen-friendly food ready for us as soon as we headed to the BBQ. I retired to the boat early, giving grandparents time to enjoy the rest of the day how they prefer- meeting back up for our dinner routine! 

The memories made will last a lifetime. The best part? Disney did all the cooking, itineraries and provided all the fun – no matter your age. Next stop for the group: Alaska!

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Thanks to Embrace the Journey Travel Planner, Candice Rouquette, for writing this blog post for us. You can learn more about Candice here.