Packing for An Alaskan Cruise
One of the most common questions we get as travel planners for Alaskan cruises is what should I wear. 
Layers are key for Alaska. 
This is a picture that I took while I was on an Alaskan Cruise. You will notice the guests are dressed in layers. 
You will want waterproof shoes and a light rain jacket or rain gear Alaska is a temperate rainforest so it rains often. 
This is an example of layers that I wear in Alaska it can go from cool/cold to warm quickly in the summer.
This was in the morning when it was cooler.
Then this was afternoon when it warmed up.
The Jacket that Danielle has on is a great choice for a light waterproof jacket.
I highly suggest hiking water-friendly shoes and that you pack more than one pair.  Danielle has waterproof shoes and three layers – which is what I suggest a T-shirt, light Fleece and then a light jacket.  Lightweight backpacks are also helpful on port days. I don’t suggest carrying a nice purse for your outdoor adventures. 

When booking shore excursions most of the excursions companies will provide you with the needed gear for your adventure but you want to double check beforehand.

If you are flying out to a Glacier or dog sledding down a Glacier you will want a heavy coat.

If you would like more ideas on what to pack to check out our Alaskan Packing board on Pinterest.
On our rafting trip we were provided rain gear.