I have to tell you that this is the most excited I have ever been to write a newsletter because I was able to do a Q & A with Bob Frank Williams on Disneyland.

A little background on Bob:

Bob has been to Disneyland more than anyone I know and I know a lot of people who travel often 🙂 Bob is the only person that I know who has seen Walt Disney in person. Bob eats most of his meals each week in Disneyland and when I am at Disneyland for work I like to meet up with Bob for a meal or two. Bob lives 30 minutes from Disneyland and he started going to Disneyland in 1956.

If you go to Disneyland you should be on the lookout for Bob to say HI!!!

How old were you the first time you went to Disneyland?
Age 12 – On Friday, March 30, 1956 – which was my first Easter weekend in California!
I had just moved to California with my family, arriving in Lynwood, California on January 23, 1956.

What is your favorite ride at Disneyland?
My favorite ride is at Disney and is the King Arthur Carrousel. It was also my very first ride on my very first day at Disneyland. This Carousel is splendidly maintained; all the horses are white and have names, and it is absolutely beautiful!

You once saw Walt Disney at Disneyland what was that experience like?
I saw Walt Disney in person, on my first trip to Disneyland, while walking across the drawbridge into the Castle. He was standing on the Castle waving at people as they entered Fantasyland. He spotted me, jumping up and down with my bright red hair at that time, and waved at me! I was exhilarated to have seen Walt Disney on my first trip! But sadly – I never saw him again in person after that.

What tips would you give first-time guests visiting Disneyland?
Bring plenty of bottled water and liquids, because the lines are long, and the weather is usually hot in the daytime. Buy a multi-day pass, because you will not see much of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure (DCA) in one day. If you come from a long distance, you WILL want to see it all! Get “Fast Passes” to the rides, which will save you a lot of time. Try to watch at least one Parade, there are currently 3 very good parades in Disneyland and DCA combined. If possible catch one in each Park. Be prepared to buy souvenirs, especially if you have small children…because many are irresistible! At the end of the day, leave compliments for any Cast Members (employees) who were helpful or entertaining throughout the day. Go to the City Hall or you can leave Guest Compliments later on the Internet. Don’t miss Disney California Adventure (DCA)! It is also one of the best amusement parks in the United States, and has grown in size and popularity since it was opened in 2001. It’s worth a full extra day to see all their “Adventures”!

Which restaurant is your favorite and what do you order there?
In Disneyland: CAFE ORLEANS and I usually order the “Monte Cristo Sandwich”. Try it and you will see why. In DCA: The CARTHAY CIRCLE restaurant, which is their elegant showpiece in the center of the Park. I recommend “Korean Chili Glazed Angus Sirloin.” It’s as delicious as it sounds. In the Hotels, the very best is the STORYTELLER CAFE in the Grand California Hotel. In my opinion, this is the most beautiful restaurant in any theme park in the United States. My meal choice is their Buffet (available evenings), where there is a wide choice of top-grade meats, vegetables, fruits, salads, and desserts,

What’s your favorite season for Disneyland?
My favorite season at Disneyland is the Christmas season! There is complete decorating of the Park; continuous Christmas music and entertainment; a Christmas Parade; a gigantic Christmas tree; and Sleeping Beauty’s Castle will be decorated with millions of lights for the Christmas Season. You must see the decorated Castle, to believe it!

How many years have you gone to Disneyland and how long have you been an annual pass holder?
I have been going to the Disneyland Resort as my main source of entertainment and socializing since 1956. I have gone every year, plus many times each year since the 1960s. I’ve been an Annual Passholder (or “AP”) since they were first available to the general public in 1986. I’ve always had the top AP available, with no block out days or Holidays excluded because I only live 30 minutes away.