Q&A with our Journey Planner Jordan Vickers

This week we are featuring a short Q&A with our Journey Planner Jordan! Read on to learn more about Jordan and her love for travel. Plus, what’s her FAVE Disneyland or Disney World?

How many years have you been a Vacation Planner?  4

What’s your favorite thing about your being a vacation planner?  Helping people make memories with their families. I am really fortunate to have been raised in a family that believes in vacations together, and those memories mean more to me than any toy or thing that I ever got.

You are going to have your first baby this year what dream travel plans do you have for the baby?  To travel! Anywhere, all of the time, just to travel and explore as much as we can. We’re big believers in buying experiences instead of things, so I foresee lots of trips as presents for most of her life. 

What is one thing most people would be surprised to learn about you?  I’m not sure that there’s much that I haven’t put on the internet about myself {as all good millennials do}

What’s the one thing you always pack when traveling? My chargers: phone, watch, camera, battery pack, everything.

Walt Disney World or Disneyland? Disney World is where I grew up and holds a special place in my heart, but Disneyland is my favorite of the two. Hands down.

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