The Big Island (officially named Hawaii) is the largest island in the United States Hawaiian archipelago in the Central Pacific.

I have been to Hawaii several times, but I recently visited the Big Island for the first time, for this seasoned traveler, it did not disappoint. The climate zones and landscape is diverse and incredible. 

All Types of Climate

The Big Island of Hawaii’s eight independent climate zones is Humid Tropical (Continuously Wet, Monsoon and Dry), Dry (Arid and Semi-Arid) Climate (Both), Temperature Climate (Summer Dry and Continuously Wet), and Polar Climate (Polar Tundra).

The Big Island of Hawaii
Varying Landscapes as we flew in.

Incredibly, the big island has a Polar Climate (Polar Tundra), so some of the people can be in a high elevation in the snow and then in the ocean swimming on the same day at a lower elevation. 

Kealakakua Bay

When we were snorkeling at Kealakakua Bay, our guide told us that when we felt a burst of cold water in the ocean, it was from the snowmelt that melted off the top of the higher elevation and flowed through old lava tunnels into the sea. 

I thought it was beyond fantasizing. 

Kealakakua Bay was some of the best snorkeling I have experienced. 

The Big Island of Hawaii

The island varies considerably based on the area you are in due to rainfall. 

Take A Hike!

We also went on a hike with the excellent Hawaii Forest & Trail. During the hike, we got to sit under a cold waterfall due to being at a higher elevation, and the snow melts running down as part of the waterfall’s source were simply amazing. 

Aloha Spirit

I could keep going on and on about how unique the Big Island is and the different landscapes and climate zones, but the best thing about the big island is not the attraction or climate zone but the people and the Aloha Spirit. 

The Hawaiian culture and people love you, and their spirit, history, and love of the land are so incredible that your soul feels warm when you arrive. 

The welcoming Aloha spirit was such a warm experience.

We had the honor of receiving fantastic experiences recommended by our friends at Hawaii Forest & Trail. Take a look at their favorites;

The Big Island of Hawaii
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The Big Island of Hawaii
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The Big Island of Hawaii
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The Big Island of Hawaii
Kohala Waterfalls Adventure

Kohala Waterfalls Adventure is what our team got to personally experience, and let me tell you, it is beyond anything I dreamed it would be. 

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