Would you ever fly to London and not go to see Buckingham Palace? Why would you pay to fly to Alaska and not see the interior?

The same can be said about going to Alaska. Please don’t miss out on seeing the interior of Alaska. In May of 2019, Danielle Hupp and I got to attend Land Tour training with one of our favorite travel partners Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. 

I want to give you an inside look into what a land tour looks like with Royal Caribbean and what I feel, makes them stand out. 

Royal Caribbean strives to focus on community and culture with their tours.

Every tour has a driver and a dedicated guide. The dedicated guide is an Alaskan local or they have extensive Alaska knowledge.

What makes the Royal Caribbean tour different? Besides your driver, you will have the same guide the entire time! 

Royal Caribbean Land Tour
Our dedicated guide was Janet and she is AMAZING

Another BIG difference with Royal Caribbean, is they use Alaskan owned Lodges and they were amazing! You could feel the Alaskan Spirit and local LOVE. 

Day one: We flew into Anchorage to begin our tour and the moment you arrive at the airport your tour begins. 


Royal Caribbean Land Tour

There is a Royal Caribbean representative waiting for you at the luggage area. The staff from Royal Caribbean assist with your bags and you are taken to your hotel. 

We stayed at the MARRIOTT ANCHORAGE DOWNTOWN. It is a great location in downtown Anchorage that has shops and restaurants within walking distance.

On our first day, we checked in, left our bags and then headed downtown. It’s an easy walk from the Marriot to the downtown area. Royal Caribbean Land Tour

The Visitor Center is so neat. It is free to visit and a great source of information on Alaska. 

Danielle and I spent the day walking around taking in the sites in Anchorage. We had two great meals at local restaurants.

Royal Caribbean Land Tours do not offer a dining plan and I LOVE that because it gives you a chance to eat with the locals. 

The local guide meets with you in the lobby to go over everything the first evening of your trip. You are given luggage tags for your bags and you place the bags outside your door each day at the time instructed. Like magic, your bags are moved from place to place. 

When you have the evening meeting with your guide in the lobby of the hotel, the guide goes over the tour and you will have the chance to pre-book extra Excursions. Danielle and I booked the Denali Flightseeing. 

We had a great day exploring Anchorage. So great that  we both went to bed around 8:30 pm local time because of the time change! We were worn out. 

Here is a sneak peek of day two: 

Royal Caribbean Land Tour
Look at Janet’s smiling face as she greets her guest for day two…