In travel, we often hear a lot of objections to a group tour. We are here to share with you some reasons you might want to consider a small group tour. 

What is A Small Group Tour? 

It is a guided tour with 25 or fewer travelers. The small group tour safari I went on was less than ten people. In our Land Rover, there were five guests. 


When you arrive, a chauffeur waiting at the baggage claim is ready to collect your luggage and you. This is just the beginning of the ease of your trip. Keeping with the ease of the trip, you have a guide or guides and often local hosts with you the entire time. The guides, host, and local guides assist you, ensuring you have a seamless trip. 

reasons to take a small group tour


Traveling in a small group typically lowers the price. The tour companies contract out hotel space, lowering hotel prices and securing space at great city center hotels. I have had past guests with budgets that we could only make work with a small group tour. 

Here are a few examples and pricing:


You can meet and make new friends. My husband and I traveled to Kenya with a small group and are still friends with those who traveled with us.



There is safety in numbers; there is safety in traveling with local companies and tour guides who know the area and local customs. 

reasons to take a small group tour

Free time

If you would like. Yep, you are on a small group tour, but lots of tours build in downtime where you can have free time to explore on your own or to rest. 


Some tours get special access to unique and private events, often skipping the line or attending events after closing. 

If there is an exotic destination you would love to visit, such as Europe, Africa, South America, or Asia, these are just a few places where small group tours are a great choice.

Reach out to our team to start your one of a kind small group adventure filled with all of your important checklist items!