My Experience Staying at a Health and Wellness Resort. 

One of the biggest lessons I have learned the last two years with the Covid shut down, and then the after-effects of the shut down were the importance of health and wellness. 

I turned 40 in August, and when I thought about what I wanted for my 40th birthday, I decided a health and wellness reset trip would be the perfect fit. 

I chose Palmïa – The House of AïA as the resort I would stay at for this important trip. 

Check out my YouTube Video of the resort.

I spent a week focused on my health; mental and physical. – I highly recommend this. 

Arriving at Palmïa – The House of AïA

You are greeted by amazing smells, and the lobby has essential oils going when you enter. 

The resort lobby is so pretty and relaxing. This is an eco-friendly resort, so you are given a refillable yeti-type cup that you use while staying at the resort. 

Palmïa – The House of AïA is a smaller resort, perfect for this trip. The beach is wide, long and has pretty white powder sand. 

You are greeted by your Nomadic Guide (Butler) when you arrive. We loved our Nomadic Guide, and she made our stay stress-free by helping set up our dinners, making suggestions for daily activities, and setting up my spa treatments. Speaking of the Spa: 

Atlantis the Spa in the Jungle 

This is an incredible one-of-a-kind spa that focuses on more than just spa treatments. The spa also focuses on your mental and spiritual health, offering various treatments. 

These are some of the incredible treatments that I tried: 

Mezcal Ritual and AïA Essence

There are also daily classes, and the classes are included with your stay. 

Mind Classes: An infinite space to explore the internal worlds of our being.

  • Meditation
  • Mind Control
  • Gravity Control
  • Meditative Concert
  • Mantras
  • Talk with the Shaman
  • Natural Art
  • Art Class

Movement Classes: Everything is in motion; all is vibration and dance. Practice caring for your body, mind, and spirit by developing knowledge that flourishes as wisdom.

  • Pranayama
  • Tai Chi
  • Primal Move
  • Therapeutic Yoga
  • Geometry of Power
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Ancestral Dance
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Chi Kung

Eating While on Your Trip

Food and drinks are a large part of your health and wellness: 90% of the food at the resort is plant-based. 

The resort rooms were amazing with calming colors, smells, and all the bath and body products were organic. The minibar in the room is filled with healthy drinks and snacks. 

Things to Look for When Traveling for Health and Wellness

  1. How the resort looks and feels, we want the resort to be calm, generally on the smaller side, and typically eco-friendly. 
  2. The classes that are offered at the resort. We are looking for resorts that offer lots of classes, and these are examples of Yoga classes, guided meditation classes, and other relaxation, mindset, and health classes. 
  3. The Spa normally plays a big part in your experience, so when traveling to a health and wellness resort, we usually have a guest look over the spa menu before booking. 
  4. The teachers at the resort – travelers often visit a resort with a teacher such as a yoga teacher and meditation guide to whom they feel connected.

I went to the Spa 3 to 4 times; I went to yoga classes, breathwork classes, and sound healing classes. I ate clean the entire week, rested, and read a lot. When I left to return home, I felt recharged. 

Do you want to experience this yourself? I would love to help you plan a health and wellness trip. Reach out and send me an email.