Travel to Europe is coming back in a huge way this year. Many who have put off their trips or had them canceled over the last several years are not wasting time booking their big trips abroad.

We have identified five hot locations that should be on your Europe travel bucket list.


Traveling to Europe in 2023

Nestled on the eastern border of Spain and the Atlantic Ocean to the west you get a wonderful combination of bright sandy beaches and stunning architecture. The capital is Lisbon and Porto is where you will want to stop to experience Portugal’s famous Port wines.


Traveling to Europe in 2023

Arguably the most popular country in the United Kingdom. Many travelers want to make sure they have ample time in England’s capital, London. Do not forget about the English countryside, Stonehenge, and many locations for Harry Potter fans.


Traveling to Europe in 2023

Let’s face it; everyone knows and wants to go to Paris. It is rich in history, culture, architecture, and cuisine. Other parts of France are worth looking into adding to your list as well. We love the French Riviera for its Mediterranean coast and the regions of Provence and Bordeaux are great destinations as well.


Traveling to Europe in 2023

This beautiful country is one of the most traveled destinations in all of Europe. Check out the canals of Venice for something truly unique. The Tuscan countryside is stunning and full of Renaissance architecture and art. If you are traveling to Italy Rome has to be on your MUST list to experience.


Traveling to Europe in 2023

If you are looking to take in history then look no further than Athens! The ancient ruins are a sight to see and worth spending several days soaking in. The Greek Islands are some of the most incredible places to venture to and explore on this planet

With just a small taste of what these countries have to offer we know the travel bug is getting to you! At Embrace the Journey Travel we pride ourselves on first hand knowledge by visiting trending areas regularly. Reach out to our travel professionals today to get starting on planning your next trip.