My team member Andrea and I had the opportunity to travel to Cabo San Lucas Mexico this last week. So I wanted to share our experience which was wonderful all the way around! 

We flew out July 26, 2020 on American Airlines. I have also flown 4 times prior post Pandemic on Southwest and Delta. The planes for all three airlines have been spotlessly clean and all airlines have all implemented new cleaning systems. Travelers are required to wear a mask for the duration of the flight. 

*** American is currently selling out flights, so the middle seat will not be open. If you would like to fly on a plane with the middle seat open allowing for more social distancing, then I suggest Southwest Airlines or Delta. Both of these airlines are keeping the middle seat open until the fall. ***

When we arrived at the Los Cabos International Airport we were pleased to note that the airport was sparkling clean and there were new health and safety protocols in place. 

Here’s what you need to know: 

  1. Travelers are required to complete a health questionnaire upon arrival.
  2. A no-touch thermal thermometer was used to check the temperature of all arriving guests. 
  3. At the time, masks are required throughout the airport.
  4. Hand sanitizing stations can be found throughout the airport. 
  5. Luggage was sanitized and shoe sanitizing mats. 

As of July 2020 travelers were not required to provide a negative Covid test in order to enter Mexico. 

Traveling to Mexico after the COVID

The next step was meeting our transfer and driver. The driver had on a mask and we wore our masks. The driver sanitized our luggage so by the time we got in our private SUV the suitcases were on the second cleaning.  

***We highly recommend a private transfer instead of a shared transfer.  Not only will this allow you to be at your resort much quicker, but private transfers ensure that you will not be in the vehicle with any other passengers to ensure social distancing.***

Our transfer from the airport to Hard Rock Los Cabos was wonderful, very clean, and seamless. 

Traveling to Mexico after the COVIDWe arrived at Hard Rock Los Cabos and the fun began. The arrival process was super easy and safe. As our transfer driver unloaded our luggage, it was sanitized by the resort staff making this the third time since our arrival. We had a temperature check, and walked over another shoe sanitizer, we headed to check-in and everything was easy peasy. 

When we got to the room there was a seal on the door and the room had been deep cleaned prior to our arrival. The mini bars at Hard Rock Resorts are empty at this time. You call and order what you would like and Hard Rock fills the mini bar with fresh drinks and snacks just for you. 

Hard Rock Los Cabos was wonderful and doing an amazing job implementing the new Covid protocols. Your smartphone will be your best friend. The menus and resort info are on a scanner code now so when you are entering a restaurant you scan the code and the menu pops up magically on your phone. The resorts are working very hard to minimize the “touchpoints” around the resorts by incorporating things such as online menus and resort maps.

We checked in and headed to eat a late lunch. Our lunch was wonderful and we headed directly to the pool upon finishing lunch. 

The pool, the sun, and a fruity drink were a wonderful experience after the last few very stressful months we’ve all experienced. 

Traveling to Mexico after the COVID

Hard Rock was spotlessly clean and the tables are marked clearly between guests showing they have been sanitized. I honestly can’t say enough about the extra safety measures the resorts and the country of Mexico are taking. 

I felt safe and happy the entire time. 

We woke up the second day and headed to the spa which was a wonderful experience.  We got the spa service at an amazing price from the limitless inclusions which you will receive when booking a trip with a Journey Planner to a Hard Rock Resort, so be sure to ask us about the limitless inclusions. 

Traveling to Mexico after the COVIDThe beach walking is amazing, with stunning views and the pools are super fun. We enjoyed lots of swimming, sun, relaxing, and incredible food. The beach at Hard Rock is not swimmable but as part of your limitless inclusions you can book a beach trip to a swimmable beach and your Journey Planner can assist in with excursions such as this prior to your trip. 

So what is it like to travel post pandemic? 

It’s extremely clean, like the cleanest you’ve ever traveled in your life, and you will have more space between your travel party and other travel parties. In July the resorts in Mexico were only allowed to book out 30% of the property we are hoping that will increase to 50% soon. 

The service is top notch right now the staff at the resorts are going above and beyond to make sure you have a good safe stay. We were told numerous times by the staff THANK YOU for coming and the staff are excited to be back at work welcoming guests. It was very heartwarming to see. 

We went to 2 more resorts during this trip to check them out and see the new safety Protocols.  Grand Velas Los Cabos and Secrets Puerto Los Cabos. 

Grand Velas was the highlight of the trip. 

Traveling to Mexico after the COVID

We are all dreaming about a return trip to Grand Velas. We were happy and impressed with all the safety protocols at each resort. 

So if you are asking yourself… is a trip to Mexico and an All Inclusive trip right for you at this time and would it be fun? 

The answer for me is YES!!! 

I personally felt safer and in the cleanest most controlled environment I have been in during the entire event. 

We are not doctors and we can’t medically advise on if you should travel with any underlying health conditions. 

Traveling to Mexico after the COVID

What I can tell you is Mexico is doing an amazing job to cut down risk and to keep you safe while having the time of your life on vacation. 

My number one suggestion is to work with a professional full time travel planner who is traveling and experiencing the destinations post COVID. We want you to have a seamless, safe, fun trip. 

You need to relax more now than ever. 

If you have questions we have answers and we would love to plan with you. Interested? Click here to fill out our contact form.