My name is Joy and I love Disney Bounding!

What is Disney Bounding??

Disney Bounding is a fun way to represent your favorite Disney character while in the Disney parks. It’s a subtle nod to their overall look (colors, style, etc).


Let’s say your favorite princess is Cinderella. I mean, who doesn’t love her message of kindness?

Here is a side by side of Cinderella and my Disney Bound of Cinderella. You’ll also notice my husband wearing colors reminiscent of Prince Charming!

I used Cinderella’s famous light blue for my skirt as well as my accessories. I even have a little bluebird pin.

Wall-e and Eve

Another fun example is when my husband and I “bounded” as Wall-e and Eve, one of our favorite Disney couples!

My husband has a black and white striped bowtie as a nod to the stripes on Wall-e as well as the yellow and brown and black. My white dress with black belt and shoes are mimic-ing Eve’s white body with black accents. And I wore a jewel toned flower pin to refer to the leaf light on her. And of course my literal cute little Wall-e purse. 😉 Couldn’t resist that one!

Bert and Mary Poppins

I found a fantastic Bert and Mary Poppins at Dapper Day at Disneyland recently! They were so sweet and were happy to have their picture taken to show a fun “bounding” example.

Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch

And then I couldn’t help but include these two fabulous ladies I met at Dapper Day! They may not be “Disney” characters but they looked so amazing I had to get them on this blog!

Meet Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch but fabulous!

Big Bird can be found on Instagram as @ingeru and Oscar the Grouch is @lynndenisebrown.

Don’t they both just look so amazing?? I mean, the silver shoes as a nod to Oscar’s trash can just put it over the top fabulous for me. So smart!


What character would you like to “evoke” on your next Disney trip??

It can be as simple as a pair of white shorts with a white wrap top and a brown belt and you’re Rey! Throw in a top knot and there is no denying you are bringing the Force wherever you go.

A simple yellow dress and a red rose pin or wrap and you’re representing the beauty and brains of Belle.

Go out there and have some fun embodying the spirit of your favorite Disney characters!

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