You’ve probably heard the term “All-Inclusive” many times. Maybe you’ve experienced an All-Inclusive Vacation, or maybe you have no idea what that really means. Well, I’m here to tell you!

Why I love all-inclusive resorts

“All-Inclusive” means that the majority (or in most cases ALL) of your food, beverages, and entertainment are included in the package price of your vacation. That means you can leave your wallet locked in the safe in your room and never have to worry about paying for anything while you are on the property (with the exception of a few dollars for tips here and there)!

And at some properties, such as all Sandals and Beaches resorts, tipping isn’t even PERMITTED.. So you can really just enjoy it without worrying about anything.   

Eating at An All-Inclusive Resort

Now…. Some people think that means you are going to eat yourself sick, haha. Well, I guess you COULD.. (and it HAS happened…). But what I think is so great is that you have an unlimited variety of foods and drinks to try and enjoy. Don’t particularly like the dinner at the Italian restaurant? No worries… head over to French and get something different.  Didn’t care for that specialty cocktail the bartender made for you? No problem, ditch it and order your go-to Margarita!

Why I love all-inclusive resorts

You’ve already paid for everything… so the sky is now the limit! Don’t be afraid to try something new, either. I tried escargot for the first time at an All-Inclusive property. My kids tried Sushi for the first time at an All-Inclusive, and guess what?… They HATED it, haha!  But now we know, without paying for an entire meal and then having to PAY for something else. It’s just fantastic!!!    

A Tropical Paradise

All-Inclusive resorts are mainly found in the Caribbean and Mexico areas. Unfortunately, they are very sparse here in the US.  But, what a great way to experience a tropical paradise. Since most water sports are also included, you can try snorkeling, paddle boarding, windsurfing, Hobie cats… and even scuba diving! Some resorts even offer free Scuba lessons for beginners! So, get out there on that clear blue/green sea and try something you’ve always wanted to try. 

Why I love all-inclusive resorts

Family-Friendly Resorts

There are many types of All-Inclusive resorts. Some are family-friendly, such as Beaches, Dreams, Now, and Nickelodeon resorts. All having super fun things for the kids (and the kids at heart) such as water slides, poolside games, even special menus that are kid-friendly at the restaurants. How about soft serve ice cream 24/7? (ok, this adult likes the thought of that also…haha) 

They have rooms that cater to families of all sizes, with separate rooms for the kids, some with fun bunk beds.  

Why I love all-inclusive resorts

Adults-Only Resorts

There are Adults Only resorts for those of us that love our children dearly, but also love a few days of tropical childless awesomeness. Secrets, Breathless, El Dorado by Karisma are some really great options for adults. There are couples resorts that cater to couples only… most having king beds, and special couples games and activities, or romantic dinners with champagne, etc.  My favorites are Sandals and Couples.   

Why I love all-inclusive resorts

There are even resorts that have something for BOTH.. with buildings for families, and buildings or areas for just adults!!  RIU and Iberostar are a couple of resorts that fall into this category.   

Why I love all-inclusive resorts

There are definitely cases where dining around and not sticking to your resort are great options, but if you like to try different foods, enjoy… ok, more than a few cocktails… haha… and like to have it all taken care of before you get there, then I think an All-Inclusive resort would be perfect for you.   

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