One of the biggest questions I get asked when working with new clients is: What can the guest expect from working with a travel planner?

Is there a cost? The answer to this one is no as long as a trip is booked with me as the travel planner, there is no extra charge for my service.  It’s usually the same price to book with me as it is to book directly with the trip supplier.  
The next question I get is: Do I give extra discounts? No, I do not.  The value I bring as a travel planner is my knowledge, training, and expertise and my service so that you have one of your best vacations without the worry of planning.

What is the value I add to the trips I plan? 
I continue to increase my travel knowledge weekly so I can build custom trips with travel industry insider knowledge. These are a few examples of my training.

  • First-hand experience from travel training that I invest in like Ship tours, resort tours, and other in-person training on site
  • Investing in courses to grow my travel knowledge and I use paid services to predict crowds the weather etc.
  • Meetings with travel industry experts to stay up to date on current travel events.
  • Building relationships with travel suppliers so that my guest get one of a kind experiences.
I apply the travel knowledge and supplier connections to build custom trips for my guest and I combine this with concierge-style service.
It’s my dream to make sure my guests get a custom-built experience that is seamless and an experience rich trip.