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New adventures are everywhere you look!

TOY STORY LAND opening June 30, 2018

Your Toy Story pals can’t wait to have you join them in Toy Story Land where kids and grownups alike can experience all-new adventures. In the so-much-larger-than-life setting of Andy’s backyard, your family is invited to shrink down and become a toy alongside Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie and the rest of the Toy Story gang. Take part in the adventure together— among giant building blocks and board games that Andy’s rigged up to become a playground straight out of his vivid imagination.

New adventures are everywhere you look—with some you’ll only find at Disney’s Hollywood Studios® at Walt Disney World® Resort beginning summer 2018.

First off, Andy’s assembled his awesome coaster kit and Slinky Dog is poised to take you on a wild journey. The new Slinky Dog Dash whooshes throughout the land. Hold on for an exhilarating ride that twists Slinky Dog’s coils around curves, hills, bridges and drops. It’s a crazy ride the whole family can enjoy together.

Next, on Alien Swirling Saucers, the aliens have powered up their flying saucers to take you on a spin through space. Climb into a toy rocket and hang on as aliens lead the way on an interstellar romp set to an out-of-this-world beat. If you’re really lucky, you just might get “chosen” by the claw.

Then, head inside to Andy’s room where the toys have set up their carnival play set. On the fan favorite Toy Story Mania!®, your Toy Story pals help you blast your way through a 4D arcade. Fire at targets with everything from baseballs to cream pies. But you better practice your aim, because high-score bragging rights are on the line for friends and families.

Toy Story Land is an amazingly playful way to step in and join your toy friends for fun that never ends.


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Disney Park Tickets to Go Up?

February Alert … This is the usual month Disney announces park ticket price increases. For the past three years in a row, Disney has incorporated a price hike in February.
As frequent Walt Disney World guests and travel experts specializing in family vacations, we’ve watched the prices increase incrementally with each year. Sometimes a little higher, sometimes a lot higher—we never know exactly what it’s going to look like until they make the announcement.
There’s no denying that Disney theme park tickets are expensive. Fortunately, Disney offers families a way to spread the cost of their vacation over time. They have an interest free, payment plan option. With a $200 deposit, your package is reserved at the current 2018 rates. As long as you do not make any changes, they will not increase your booked package when the new ticket price increase comes into effect.
Hopefully, you’ve heard  – 2018 is an exciting time to consider a Walt Disney World or Disneyland trip!! New lands, tons of new attractions and experiences, and new resort amenities…there’s a lot of “NEW” coming to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland in 2018.
As If you are going to Disney in the near future, this may be the best time to secure your Disney package. Disney habitually keeps the price increase under wraps and doesn’t give too much of an advance notice (if any notice at all) of the date the price increase will happen. This is a “don’t delay, book today” heads up.
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Things to Look Forward to at Disney in 2018

Disney is kicking it up a notch this spring and summer and is introducing some fun new character meet ‘n greets, dining experiences, attractions, and shows. There’s so much magic in the air at Walt Disney World Resorts and Parks your family is bound to have an incredible time!


New Bird Show at Animal Kingdom featuring the characters from the Disney Pixar movie ‘UP’, Dug and Russell!

“Beginning just in time for the 20th anniversary of Disney’s Animal Kingdom next year, this new experience will offer your family the chance to see Senior Wilderness Explorer Russell and his furry friend Dug as they discover species of birds from around the world in their newest adventure at the Caravan Theater in Anandapur village. There will be “UP” close encounters each day with amazing winged creatures!”


Limited Special Events

  • Disney After Hours Event – select dates in January, February and March
  • Star Wars Galatic Nights – May
  • Egg-stravaganza, New Honey Bee Scavenger Hunt – March & April


NEW Resort Features and Restaurants

  • Caribbean Beach Resort – room updates, new entrance, new restaurants
  • Disney Springs – tons of new restaurants opening all spring

Incredible Summer Fun

“This summer, beloved stories from several Disney films will come to life at Walt Disney World® Resort in the form of new attractions, entertainment, experiences and more at all four parks, setting up summer 2018 to truly be an “Incredible Summer.”

  • The Incredibles Take Over Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom® Park with the return of their “SUPER” dance party on the Rocket Tower Stage
  • A “Dino-Tastic” Celebration for Donald Duck Will Debut At Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park – where Donald takes over Dinoland, U.S.A., in a new character celebration.
  • See “The Incredibles 2” at AMC Disney Springs® in theaters on June 15, 2018


AND the piece de resistance…


Toy Story Land opening in Summer 2018!

“Toy Story Land Opens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios® – One major highlight of summer will be the grand opening of Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This new 11-acre land will shrink guests to the size of a toy and allow them go explore the fun and adventure of Andy’s backyard. There, your family can experience two new attractions: the family coaster Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucers. Toy Story Land also will feature an existing guest-favorite attraction, Toy Story Mania!, which will expand to add a third track into the rotation. The land’s Woody’s Lunch Box will be a new quick-service restaurant that will offer up tasty meals and old-fashioned soda floats to Toy Story Land Guests.”


There are so many new choices, how will you decide what to experience with your family? Consider a planning expert!

My focus is always on your family and helping you experience the magic of vacationing your way. My expertise is listening to how you like to vacation and make recommendations based on your family’s desires. Providing you concierge level service and being the vacation expert you need for your next trip is my service promise.

In today’s high-tech world, ‘it seems’ easy for you to book your vacation on your own; however, having a professional travel advisor by your side brings many benefits, like:

*Personalized advice ~ from resort or package recommendations to transportation services
*Itinerary planning ~ from dining recommendations & reservation making to touring plans
*Organizing assistance ~ from special occasion surprises to memory making ideas
*Continued support before, during and after your vacation!


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International Travel

Travel agent Tips for Adding Comfort to Your Flight

Flying, airports, airplanes, and your travel day 😉 oh my!!

My name is Kristi Peek and I am a travel agent and a lover of travel, but guess what, I used to have a fear of flying. Imagine that a travel agent who had a fear of flying. I no longer suffer from a fear of flying and now fly every 4 to 6 weeks for work or traveling for fun. I want to share some of the tips and tricks I have learned that add comfort to my flights.

One – Know your airline and that airline’s policies before you head to the airport. The airlines each have their own set of rules and you want to start off on the right foot and I have seen it time and again when I am checking in where a guest doesn’t know the rules for their airline on baggage fees, fees to pick your seat, fees to print your boarding pass, and any other rules or fees there might be and there is nothing like getting an unexpected $100 baggage fee to add stress to your travel day. This is another reason I suggest using a travel planner, as they can make sure you are informed of the rules of the airline.

Two – Be sure you give yourself plenty of time to make your flight. I didn’t follow this rule once and let me tell you, it added stress to my flight. I was in the security line when I heard the boarding call for my flight. I made the flight but it added so much stress as I jogged sweating to the gate.

Three, and this is where it gets fun for me – Learn to pack your carry on bag well. These are the tips that I have found make my flights more enjoyable.

Frist, I have a backpack that I love and travel with every time I fly, it a business backpack that is well made and it fits my back and body great.


These are a few of my must-haves when traveling that I pack. My neck pillow, sleeping mask, Bose surround sound headphones, an empty water bottle, a fuzzy travel blanket and a charger for my phone. I carry these even if it’s a 2-hour flight. For work, I take a lot of earlier morning flights and that is a great time to sleep and the combo shown in the picture helps me sleep.

I also pack an extra pair of socks and these have come in handy so many times. I hate flying with cold feet :).

Here are a few more things I have learned to fly with so that I don’t have to buy them in the airport. These are my meds and products on my must pack list-

  1. Headache meds (in my case Ibuprofen) 2. Allergy meds 3. Less Drowsy Motion Sickness meds 4. Lotion or hand cream 5. Essential Oils (for me Lavender and Peppermint) 6. Pens if you are leaving the country you will need a pen on the plane 7. A first aid kit 8. Extra Deodorant 9. A travel toothbrush 10. Face Mist (airplanes dry my face and skin out) 11. Lipgloss 12. A Hairbrush and dry shampoo 13. wet wipes


I always fly with at least one book and I have books loaded on my phone, but I’m careful about letting my phone running down mid-flight. I now carry a book with me on each flight.

I love to write when I am traveling and I highly suggest it.


And last but not least portable chargers and extra power cords.

If you would like help taking the stress out of your next trip. I would love to help you plan – let’s connect.

Disney Cruise Line

It’s a Magical Disney Cruise Line Offer!

Book a magical Disney voyage by February 15, 2018 and pay for only half of your required deposit on the day you make your reservation.

This limited-time offer is valid on any new reservation for a 7-night or longer Disney cruise departing between June 23, 2018 and May 31, 2019. Remaining balance due at time of final payment. See Important Details below.

Embark on a tropical 7-night or longer cruise to the Caribbean or the Bahamas—or choose from one of our other fun-filled itineraries to Alaska, Europe, Mexico and beyond. With exciting voyages sailing from Florida, New York, Texas and California, there’s no better time to cast off with Disney Cruise Line on a family vacation.

Important Details

Taxes, fees and port expenses, gratuities and Port Adventures are not included.
Not valid on categories with restrictions (IGT, OGT, VGT), suites or Concierge-level staterooms.
Valid on all 7-night or longer sailings that do not require final payment at time of booking and take place between June 23, 2018 and May 31, 2019.
Rates are in U.S. dollars
This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.
Offer subject to Disney Cruise Line Terms and Conditions.