In February 2024, my husband Charlie and I went on a Globus Escape, a group tour. We tried the Scottish Highlands Escape.

Here is a recap of my tour and suggestions for whether this could fit you for your next vacation.

Pros –

#1 Price—I booked this escape on a Black Friday Promo, and the total for the tour was $2,178.00 or $1,089 per person. The price did not include air but did include All Hotels, the bus that carried us around, a bus driver, and a tour guide who traveled with us, the tours that we went on, most breakfasts, and two dinners. The price is almost unbeatable. Escapes take place in the off-season, which also has fewer crowds.

2 The Tour Guide and Bus Driver—The presence of a tour guide and bus driver made our travel experience truly effortless. Our guide promptly addressed any needs that arose during the trip. And the best part? No one had to worry about driving, allowing everyone to enjoy the scenic countryside views.

#3 All the inclusions and planning are done for you. Getting all the tour information in advance without worrying about each day’s activities is nice.

#4 The ease of checking into Hotels. The Guide and bus driver assist with checking you in so the hotel knows the group is coming, and the guide goes in and picks up all the room keys and hands them out.

5 Traveling in a group opens you up to meeting amazing people and having an incredible time with them. It’s not just about the destinations but the journey and the people you share it with. For solo travelers, it’s a great way to explore with a sense of security and companionship.

#6 Solo Travelers- The guided group tours are great for solo travelers because they provide:

The company of other solo travelers
The added safety of traveling with a group
My suggestion for the ideal guest for a group tour is a guest who enjoys cruises and getting to know fellow travelers. Solo Travelers, if you are on a limited budget but want to see different areas of the world, this is one of the best ways.

I also highly suggest small group tours over regular-sized groups. Our group had almost 40 guests traveling, but there were small group tours with 22 or fewer. We book our clients on small group tours.

The cons and guests for whom this would not be for.

If you prefer to avoid traveling in groups, there are better fits. We can custom-build a private tour. If you need to pick your hotels and tours, for the most part, that is not possible in a group tour. I am very picky about hotels, and while most were good, I didn’t enjoy the first hotel. I would not have booked the first hotel if I had been building the trip. It was okay; it just wasn’t the quality of the hotel I would usually book.

These were the hotels that we stayed at on my tour and links to the YouTube videos I made of each hotel:

Leonardo Royal Hotel Edinburgh Haymarket – this was the first hotel that I didn’t like.

AC Hotel by Marriott Inverness – I like this hotel because it is new and nice.

The Ballachulish Hotel – I liked this one because it was historical and neat.

Clayton Hotel Glasgow –  I liked this hotel and the rooms are newly renovated.

If you want custom in-depth excursions such as Ancestry DNA excursions where you travel to meet distant relatives, that is not possible on a group tour.

Outside that, there are no real cons. My biggest takeaway is that this is an excellent price for safely seeing different areas of the world, and I highly suggest small groups.

This is a link to an example pricing of the same group tour I did but only a Small group tour with Globus – Click here

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