Joy’s Kid Tips: Universal Orlando

Hi, my name is Joy and I am a kid that had the wonderful opportunity to experience the fun parks of Universal Orlando!  I went with my mom and her friend Miss Kristi on a work trip…but it was mixed in with a lot of fun!  

We stayed at Loews Royal Pacific and went to Volcano Bay, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and City Walk.  I will give you a few of my top tips to help you have the best Universal vacation ever! 

1. Don’t Skip Volcano Bay! 

 Volcano Bay is the water park at Universal Orlando.  The water slides are awesome! I loved the Ohno drop slide and I screamed so much on the drop. 

The TeAwa Fearless River was so fast and fun!  My mom and I went on it at least 20 times.  I recommend that you try to do all of the attractions at Volcano Bay.

2. Get the Park-to-Park Ticket! 

This way you can go to both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure on the same day.  You will need to have this ticket to ride the Hogwarts Express.

3. Ride Hogwarts Express!  

Did you know that The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is at Universal Studios AND Island of Adventure?  Be sure to have a park-to-park ticket and take Hogwarts Express from Diagon Alley to Hogsmeade (or vice versa).  

Universal Orlando Kid Tips

Be sure to have someone stand back and video you as you walk onto the platform of 9 ¾ for a special surprise! 

4. Buy an interactive wand! 

You can get one at Ollivander’s Wand Shop or at other shops around the Harry Potter area.  When you have your wand in your hand you are ready to start casting spells!  

Universal Orlando Kid TipsAsk for a map of all of the spots or look for the gold circles on the ground.  My favorite spells were Reparo and Meteolojinx.  I also found some “secret” wand spots, too!  Don’t miss out on casting spells and watch my video to learn how! 

5. Be sure to get the Universal Express Pass! 

I got to skip all of the lines because I had the Express Pass!  It saved so much time of waiting in line and I felt super important to skip the lines.

  I got off the Flight of the Hippogriff and rode again right away and I didn’t have to stand in the long line! The same with Ripsaw Falls, Jurassic Park, and lots of other rides!  My mom said the Express Pass came free with our hotel Loews Royal Pacific.

6. Don’t miss out on the Butterbeer!  

The best treat at Universal Orlando is butterbeer!  It comes in regular or frozen.  I think the frozen is the best.  I lost count of how many butterbeers I had on my trip.  They are so yummy! 

I had the best time at Universal Orlando and I can’t wait to go back!  I will write more about my adventures soon!

Joy Cassidy, Age 9
Journey Planner Andrea’s Daughter

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