Virgin Voyages is changing the way you cruise. This adult only cruise line has quickly become an award winning cruise line for the way it enhances your cruising experience. They are the only cruise line to completely sweep the Cruiser’s Choice Cruise Critic awards in 2023.  

  • Best Overall Cruise Line 2023
  • Best Staterooms 2023
  • Best Dining 2023
  • Best Service 2023
  • Best Overall Value For Money 2023

Set Sail with Virgin Voyages

A Virgin Voyages cruise includes many things that traditional cruise lines typically up-charge.  Such as gratuities, specialty dining, fitness classes, basic beverages and wifi.

You can also often get bar tab credits included to cover alcoholic beverages and specialty coffee or teas. For example, the current offer is up to $600 in bar tab credits with your booking.

Let’s take a look at what Virgin Voyages has to offer.

Complimentary/Included Dining

Food is one of the most talked about points of a cruise and can be a deciding point on which cruise line you choose. The good, the bad, the options, extra costs and availability can be deciding factors.

Virgin Voyages has done away with specialty dining up-charges. No deciding which package you want and no set dining times! That being said, reservations are required for dinner. To allow all guests to experience the different dining venues, Virgin Voyages allows sailors to make one dinner reservation per restaurant.

The main restaurants on Virgin Voyages are at or above what would be considered specialty dining level on other cruise lines. They did win the Best Dining Award for the amazing food.  

Set Sail with Virgin Voyages

Another unique feature is called The Galley. This takes the place of a typical cruise ship buffet.  Many stations are located in The Galley with food options. You can walk around, look at the choices then find a table and order. They will bring the food to you.  


Gratuities are included in your cruise fare!  No need to worry about pre-paying or having a daily charge added to your stateroom. This goes hand in hand with the Best Service award they won.

The crew is there because they truly want you to have a wonderful experience and are not just working for tips. On other cruises you pay gratuities at the rate of $15-$20 per day. This adds up! For 2 guests on a 5 night cruise this is a $150-$200 value that is included. 


Basic beverages such as soda, water and regular coffee are included. They even have fresh water and ice in your stateroom. In lieu of drink packages they offer Bar Tab.

With the current offer you receive $300 or $600 in Bar Tab when you book your cruise. Offers like this do change so please check with your journey planner. Basic beverage value $100 for 2 adults on a 5 night cruise.  


Basic wifi is included in your cruise. There are options to upgrade to premium if you plan on streaming, but for most guests the basic plan is sufficient to check emails, social media and utilize the Virgin Voyages app. Estimated included value $150 for 2 adults on a 5 night cruise.

Fitness Classes

You will find a variety of fitness and wellness classes onboard. From yoga to boxing, mediation, HIIT classes, cycling and more. On our recent cruise they even offered bungee fitness and 90s dance classes. Classes for every fitness level and they are all included.  

But the most unique, and best in my opinion, feature of Virgin Voyages that you will NOT find on any other cruise lines…THE HAMMOCKS! What a game changer. Rooms with a Sea Terrace (balcony) will have one of the specially designed hammocks on the balcony.

On my recent cruise I spent time in the hammock every day. There is nothing more relaxing than hearing the ocean sounds and feeling the sea breeze while laying in a hammock. I may have even fallen asleep a few times. 🙂 

Let’s begin your journey on a Virgin Voyages cruise. Contact your journey planner to get started.  

A big shout out to journey planner Mary K Allen for writing this blog and sharing her expertise. Learn more about Mary K here.