The New Covid Protocols

On January 12, 2021, the CDC and government announced new travel protocols requiring a negative Covid test to return to the USA.

You can read more on those protocols, here.

Our team values education and firsthand knowledge when planning travel. After the new announcement that went into effect on January 26, 2021, I headed to Mexico on January 31, 2021, to see how the new protocols worked.  

Traveling Out of the Country With New Regulations

I went to Cancun, an area that we send guests to often, and I stayed at Dreams Natura. I got travel insurance before the trip and stayed at a resort that offered free onsite testing and a plan of action in case there was any chance that I tested positive. 

Out Of Country New Regulations

When I arrived on January 31, the concierge at the resort set my Covid test up for the next day. This was a short three-night trip, so I needed the test quickly after arrival. I went to the testing area at the resort the next day with my passport, where the resort’s medical professional performed a viral antigen test on me. It was very easy and painless, and we got our results at the front desk that evening. 

Returning Home with New Regulations

To return to the USA, I needed the negative test, which was a paper copy the resort gave me; I needed to sign and fill out a form that we will make sure our clients have… then for Mexico, I needed to fill out the health questionnaire online and to get the QR code to present to the airline. 

So I needed three things- The approved Negative test, the signed paperwork for the airline, and the QR code. 

Out Of Country New RegulationsOut Of Country New RegulationsOut Of Country New Regulations

When I checked in for my flight, I presented my documents and got a boarding pass showing my documents were okay. 

Then from there, I proceeded through security and flew home like usual. When I arrived back in the USA, I cleared customs like usual. 

We have gotten questions like “what happens if you tested positive”  Most of the resorts we are sending a guest to have back up plans where you would be able to stay free of charge in a special wing of the hotel that is empty with rooms set up for the chance there is a positive case. 

It varies by the resort, but your meals are delivered, and everything you need is sat outside your door daily. *** This varies by resort and is subject to change.**

While I was in Mexico, I met with the resort manager at Dreams Natura to go over all the protocols and plans in place. We want to ensure our clients are taken care of. Check out this amazing YouTube Video of Dreams!

How to Prepare for Your Out of Country Trip

There may be many moving parts to travel, but with the correct preparation you can still have an amazing, safe trip. 

My biggest advice is that you plan with a professional travel planner – who is currently traveling. 

These are the things you should be looking at when leaving the country:

#1 What are the required protocols?

#2 What does your travel insurance cover?

#3 How will you get tested when at your destination? *** This can be done quickly at most resorts***

#4 If you did test positive, what is the plan of action at the resort? 

Tips for Traveling Out Of Country

Out Of Country New Regulations

These are tips for traveling out of the country currently. 

  • Carry two-plus weeks all of your medicines
  • Make sure your animals could be cared for if needed for two weeks.
  • Take extra clothes and underwear. 

What are the perks of traveling right now?

Out Of Country New Regulations

  • There was a small crowd size on my flight, with only about 14 passengers. I felt almost like I was flying on a private jet. 
  • The resort crowd levels are low, and you can do the things you would like with fewer crowds. 
  • The service is incredible right now. 
  • The BIGGEST perk is that you would get a mental health break. 2020 has been a challenging year, and getting away is super healthy for you. 

When you’re ready to travel, our team is here for you. 

*** This is not legal or medical advice, just my recent experience and thoughts on travel. *** Covid is an ever-changing situation, and this info is subject to change at any time. ***

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